iCarly - Music from and inspired by the Hit TV Show (CD)

CD: Icarly - Music From And Inspired By The Hit TV Show

Uitgever: Sony
Jaar: 2008
Bestelnr: 0886973785423


  • Countdown (dialogue)
  • Leave it all to me (Theme from iCarly) - Miranda Cosgrove & Drake Bell
  • What's next baby (dialogue)
  • Stay my baby - Miranda Cosgrove
  • About me (dialogue)
  • About you now - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Build a bra (dialogue)
  • Beautiful girls (Nickelodeon mix) - Sean Sam's Kingston
  • Second toe (dialogue)
  • I don't wanna be in love (Dance floor anthem) - Good Charlotte
  • Locked in the closet (dialogue)
  • I like that girl - Leon Thomas III
  • We hated your girlfriend (dialogue)
  • Girlfriend (Nickelodeon mix) - Avril Lavigne & Lil' Mama
  • Blueberry belly button (dialogue)
  • Freckles - Natasha Bedingfield
  • Gas station snacks (dialogue)
  • Face in the hall - Naked Brothers Band
  • You can't do that (dialogue)
  • Let's hear it for the boy - Stunners
  • Ten things boys like (dialogue)
  • Thunder (radio mix) - Boys Like Girls
  • Headphones are huge (dialogue)
  • Headphones on - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Suckish improv game (dialogue)
  • Move (Dance On Sunset theme) - Menudo
  • World's fattest priest (dialogue)
  • I'm grown (radio edit) - Tiffany Evans & Bow Bow
  • Back to one (dialogue)

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Tags: Sony


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