A-Team, The - Seizoen 1 (DVD)

DVD: The A-team - Seizoen 1

Uitgever: Universal
Speelduur: 660 minuten (5 discs)
Datum: 2 december 2004
Extra: Geen

Disc 1 

  • Mexican slayride
  • Children of Jamestown

Disc 2

  • Pros and cons
  • A small and deadly war
  • Black day at Bad Rock

Disc 3

  • The rabbit who ate Las Vegas
  • The out-of-towners
  • Holiday in the hills

Disc 4

  • West coast turnaround
  • One more time
  • Till death do us part

Disc 5

  • The beast from the belly of a Boeing
  • A nice place to visit

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Tags: Universal


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